Razor Dobbs Interview with HuntingLife.com

Posted by Razor Dobbs on April 26, 2017.
Razor Dobbs Interview with HuntingLife.com

1. What’s one rookie mistake you’ve made hunting?

Impatience. Way too many times I try to make a stalk on an animal when I should wait for a better situation. I get amped up, go for it and blow the hunt. It’s all impatience. I know better but when everything is unfolding I just can’t help myself. I’m like a cat that sees a mouse. It’s hard to control that. -Razor Dobbs

2. Who do you admire most in the hunting and conservation world and Why?

Ted Nugent. He is the most effective, driving force we have. There is no one else in our industry that can reach the amount of people he does AND he delivers such a powerful effective message. No one in our industry comes close. And he does it everyday. I’ve witnessed what he does EVERY day in the name of promoting hunting and guns and crushing the opposition’s lies. It’s really amazing. Ted doing it and doing it more effectively than anyone. -Razor Dobbs

3. Who were the influencers in your life that helped you get into hunting?

I grew up in a hunting family. I don’t remember anyone ever “introducing me to hunting” I just remember hunting at an early age as a normal way of life. It was my dad that taught me how to shoot, gut a deer, set a trap, process venison and he was the one that knocked the hell out of me when I handled a gun unsafely. My dad was (is) the best Dad. I wish all kids had a dad like mine.

My dad taught me how to hunt, and Ted Nugent taught me how to be a killer. Ted and I became friends in the ’90 and I went to work for him after my college graduation. Working for Ted was a continuation of my education – access all areas Nugent. I lived with the Nugent’s and everyday was about hunting, getting things done and ass kicking. Ted taught me how to get to full draw on the most wired whitetails. Showed me how to make the ultimate stand set-ups. He taught me how to focus and put that arrow where I wanted it. He introduced me to the 10mm auto handgun. He introduced me to a side of hunting that I had never known. He taught me how to communicate our passion for hunting and the 2nd Amendment to the non hunting public. He is very much a big reason why I’m doing what I’m doing now. I could write a book about it all from the music tours to the hunting to the insanity. I love it.

4. What advice would you give someone just getting into hunting?

You're not golfing, bowling or gaming (whatever “gaming” is). Your hunting and about to engage in the second most amazing, instinctual practice of our make up (the first being child birth). If you want to be effective – If you want to be a real efficient, responsible predator you have to make sure you and your gear are dialed in correctly. If you are going to bow hunt make sure you got to a pro shop where the people that work there are REAL bowhunters – not weekend warriors- but real bowhunters. They gotta understand and explain to you about proper draw length, arrow spine, paper tuning, broadhead/arrow tuning. They have to be the real deal. Way too many “bow shops” and big box stores really screw up new bowhunters because they sell them equipment that is not set up properly and/or the draw weight is way to heavy. It’s crazy. I’ve sat back and listened to some sales people talk to a new guy and sell them a load of crap. These sales people need to be working in the women’s shoes department. Idiots. And yes, I call them idiots because they are doing so much damage. If a new person really wants to get into archery and goes to a store to buy a bow, arrows, etc. and they get sold a bow with arrows that are not the right spine, too long, too short, a draw weight that’s way to heavy, an arrow rest that’s not set up correctly what happens?? The bow will never shoot accurate. The arrows will be all over the place. The new archer/bowhunter will become frustrated and quit archery all together. It’s a crime. And why I’m on the subject of bow shops I have to say there are some fantastic ones out there. However, there are those bow shops where the people that work there know all about bows and bowhunting but they are jerks. They are these “tough guys” that look down their noses at people that are new or people that have questions. It’s shameful. They run off more new hunters than any lie from the anti hunting movement. There are a ton of local bow shops that open with good intentions but the fail miserably because they have no clue on dealing with customers. Everyone looses. So, to all those kick ass bow shops out there that are doing it right and making a difference…Thank you!!! You are a total asset to archery and bowhunting! -Razor Dobbs

5. What gear do you carry that you could not live without?

  • Concealed Handgun: Either a Dan Wesson Razorback 10mm auto with two extra magazines or a CZ PO7 Duty in .40 cal with two extra mags.
  • Knife: Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite lockblade folding knife.
  • Flashlight: Small LED pocket flashlight. Very powerful tactical light that is very compact.
  • Handkerchief
  • Pen
  • Wallet with cold cash and credit cards
  • Luminox wrist watch (Razor Dobbs signature model)
  • Sunglasses
  • Multi-tool
  • phone
  • wedding ring

These are necessities for everyday life. It’s all about being prepared and being responsible – every day. If someone doesn’t at least have a pocket knife on them you gotta wonder????

6. What is your perfect big game rifle and handgun and bullet set up?

I love my safari rifles!!! I get excited just thinking about them. I have many favorites such as the CZ 9.3×62 and the CZ .458 Lott. First, it’s the CZ 550 Safari Magnum in .375HH. What a real rifle. Wood stock, express sights, claw extractor, accurate out of the box, tough, safari grade. I love it. I was first turned on to this rifle when I was nearly killed by a charging elephant in Zimbabwe in 2003. I had a bow and arrow in my hand at the time but my PH had the Bruno (which is a CZ) .375. He killed that elephant about 3 feet before it killed us. I hunted with that rifle on that hunt and I fell in love with it. I’ve killed buffalo, leopard, wildebeest, hogs, etc. etc. etc. with that rifle. I love it.

When it comes to a deer sized calibers I got to go with the CZ 557 in 30-06. Amazing carbine rifle in a wood stock and express sights. It’s a real hunting rifle. A mini safari rifle. I love it to death.

When it comes to handgun hunting there is no debate. My favorite is the Dan Wesson Razorback-10 10mm auto. I’ve hunted over 15 years with automatic handguns and this Dan Wesson is, by far, the best shooting. I’ve killed whitetails, elk, hogs, Nilgai antelope, etc. etc. with it. Amazing handgun. I love it to death! As far as bullets, for 99% of my hunting I gotta shoot the Barnes. They have proven to me that they are the ultimate on game from hogs to Cape buffalo and shoot great in my handguns and rifles.

7. What is your most memorable hunt?

I’ve got so many hunts that are my favorite. Oh my God! I love’em all! My first whitetail hunt when I was 8 years-old hunting with my dad for sure; The time I was nearly killed by an elephant and Cape buffalo on a Zimbabwe safari in 2003; The time my friend Josh and I were hunting and I was attacked by a huge boar; The hunt when my guide and I spot, stalked and arrowed two whitetails in two days; The time it was 125 degrees in the Zambezi Valley and were were hunting buffalo – the cameraman had a heat stroke and I wounded a buffalo. It was just plain miserable but we made it out and the experience has made me a better hunter and person; The Nilgai 10mm auto handgun kill; My Zimbabwe Cape buffalo and lioness kill; I could go on and on. I get fired up just thinking about them. I’m such a lucky SOB. All my life I have dreamed about being able to hunt as much as I do and now I’m living it. I’m grateful and humble. Thank you God.

8. What is your favorite archery and arrow set up?

I’ve got many favorite archery set-ups. Let’s start with the bow. RIght now I’m shooting an Oneida Kestrel (www.CPoneidaeagle.com). I believe this is the smoothest bow on the planet. I’ve got about 5 Oneidas and been shooting them since the early 1990’s. I’m back shooting the new Kestrel because it feels soooo good. I shoot 68ish lbs which feels like 55 lbs at 29 inches. I have numerous set ups with this Oneida rig. I’ve got set ups for everything from small game to Cape buffalo. But here is my normal, run and gun hunting bow.

  • Oneida Kestrel at 68ish lbs, 29 inch draw
  • Nugent zebra arrows (because they are strong as hell and just cool as hell)
  • 125 or 180 grain Razor Dobbs BlackDeath Broadheads (or 100grain Razor Dobbs Ripper Broadheads)
  • Scott caliper release (same release from the 90’s
  • Pollington 33 Pro Red Dot sight
  • Whisker Biscuit rest
  • BowJax dampeners
  • Mole skin riser pad made from recycled backstage nookie hide.
  • Zambezi Anti-Voodoo Oil #9

9. In all of the years of hunting what is the most important lesson you have learned from the outdoors?

The most important lesson I have learned from the outdoors is that in life nothing is “fair”. Life is not fair at all. You just got to figure it out no matter what the circumstances are. This is true in all areas of life. Sometimes crap happens and you have no control over it. You can either point fingers, make excuses or make a plan and get the job done. From hunting to everyday life, if I catch myself saying “This isn’t fair…” I stop and say to myself, “No shit. Nothing is fair in life. Make a plan and overcome.”

10. When youngsters and their parents come up to meet you for a quick photo or autograph, what message do you hope to convey?

I totally dig meeting hunters and people interested in hunting. When a youngster comes up and shakes my hand this is an opportunity to make a positive impression – not on RAZOR DOBBS ALIVE but on the kid. I look them in the eye. Listen to what they have to say. Laugh with them. Ask them questions. I encourage them to do good and I let them know it’s cool to be a hunter. I’ve got a small window here to make some kind of positive impression. Kids get enough crap thrown at them and many of them idolize thugs and blood suckers who’s punk bravado comes from being an agent of human corrosion. I hate that. When they meet me there is never alcohol on my breath. No cigaret hanging from my mouth. No nipple ring. No pierced tongue. I don’t speak like a thug. I engage. I look them in the eye. I shake their hand. I listen. We laugh. We communicate. The kids digs that. The parents dig that. I dig that. I’m grateful they like my show and they want to meet me. I’m honored. I’m grateful.