Razor Dobbs Kills Two Zebras With Dan Wesson 10mm Auto Handgun

Posted by Razor Dobbs on May 1, 2017.
Razor Dobbs with Zebra he killed with 10mm Handgun

BV: Zebra are big animals. Are they tough to take down?

RAZOR DOBBS: For sure. I mean, zebra are huge, heavy bone and muscle. Plus, they don’t like to die. They are natural fighters and one of the most weary animals in Africa.

BV: Where do you shoot a zebra with a 10mm auto handgun?

RAZOR DOBBS: You shoot them right in the shoulder. In the center of the shoulder their stripes make a chevron. That’s where you want to place that bullet. If you hit that you will hit the heart.

BV: What 10mm auto handgun did you use?

RAZOR DOBBS: I shoot and used the Dan Wesson Razorback 10mm auto. It’s such a sweet beast. I mean you have everything. Precision, power, and reliability. I shoot only DoubleTap Ammunition. It’s the only thing out there that I trust hunting.

BV: What DoubleTap load did you use?

RAZOR DOBBS: On both zebras I used the DoubleTap 200 grain HardCast. It’s a solid that’s the same diameter as a .416. It’s a power load raging at 1300 feet per second delivering 750 foot pounds. An it’s accurate as hell.

BV: You killed two zebras?


BV: How far?

RAZOR DOBBS: The first zebra I killed with my 10mm was at 47 yards I believe. It was quartering away and I drilled it perfectly through the heart. The second zebra was 35 to 40 yards away broadside and I drilled it through the heart. On the second zebra, the bullet passed all the way through and we found it in a termite mound. The Dan Wesson 10mm auto is Amazing! Crazy stuff!