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In front of thousands at the NRA Annual Meeting to a hundred at a charity event, ask anyone that has heard Razor Dobbs speak and they will tell you that he “knocked it out of the park.” Razor speaks, unscripted, from the heart, with humor and passion and delivers a message not heard in the outdoor industry.

With over 37 years of hunting under his belt, twelve years in the television entertainment business, escapades of near death experiences and overcoming huge life obstacles, Razor lives his life to the maximum and has the scars to prove it. But, with the intensity of his life, there is peace and calmness. Razor contributes the success of his life to finding God and asking him for direction, courage and the willingness to do the next right thing.

There is nothing ordinary about Razor. He his an original and he delivers in person a warm, passionate connection with his audience. “All my life I have found love, excitement and encouragement,” says Razor. “These are the things I want to give to others.”

Razor Dobbs Bio

The blood that runs through the veins of hunter Razor Dobbs is full of vibrant emotion and intense passion for the dirt, thorns, tusks and antlers that he relentlessly pursues on a daily basis. A survivor of a wild boar attack and a nearly fatal elephant charge, he lives the highs and perils of hunting big game that he’s dreamed about since he was a kid. “Were not walking on a groomed golf course here,” says Razor about his show RAZOR DOBBS ALIVE. “Every hunt is a potential live wire.”

Razor’s award winning television series “Razor Dobbs Alive” is in it’s sixth season but his passion for hunting and television started long ago. Razor grew up hunting at his grandparents ranch in the Texas Hill Country. In college he produced and starred in Razor Dobbs Outdoors Alive and hosted hunting radio shows on alternative rock radio KTXT at Texas Tech University.

The year following graduation from Texas Tech, Razor was set on moving to Hollywood to attend stunt school and study acting. “It was going to be a crazy jump to move to LA, but I was willing to go for it,” says Razor. “Then my phone rang. It was Ted Nugent.” Ted asked Razor to come work for him in Michigan. “That call probably saved my life,” say’s Razor.

Razor worked for Ted Nugent then later for Robert Earl Keen’s artist management company Rosetta Management. Though he enjoyed working in the music business, Razor was still determined to produce his hunting show. Razor took a conservative detour and a position in sales and marketing. After five years, he finally walked away from the great paying job to “go for it,” and started his production company BladeVision Films, LLC.

At BladeVision Films Razor produced his first solo hunting DVD “Alive in Africa” and was a contract field producer and editor for other TV hunting shows. Finally, in 2010, RAZOR DOBBS ALIVE premiered on the Versus Network. Now in its 6th season, RAZOR DOBBS ALIVE is not going away anytime soon.

Razor is recognized for being one of the most talented open-site handgun hunters on the planet. The book, The Custom 1911, published by Gun Digest, states that Razor is a “Handgun Hunting Sensation” due to his 20 years of successfully taking a huge number of game including desert mule deer, whitetail, hogs, nilgai antelope, and elk with his open site 10mm auto handgun.

A well traveled hunter, Razor has taken a vast array of species including elephant, Cape buffalo and leopard but his favorite place to hunt is at home in Texas chasing whitetails, hogs and axis deer on he and his wife Sylvia's ranch.

Razor Dobbs Alive

“The hunting experience is unlike anything in this world. It’s my obligation to inspire as many people to hunt as possible. But you can’t promote hunting. You have to attract people into it. If it’s not fun and exciting no one will ever buy a bow, rifle, handgun much less a hunting license.” - Razor Dobbs

Are you alive? I mean, are you really Alive? If you are, then buckle up us as we let it rip through the bush after big game on our quest for the ultimate connection with Mother Earth.

The successful and unique RAZOR DOBBS ALIVE series bleeds an entire new genre of outdoor television, hunting everything from whitetail to elephant. But the true jewel of the series is the humorous, twisted and dramatic story lines ranging from near death experiences, phone addiction, poodles, the supernatural, trouble with the law, rescuing animals and overcoming powerless situations, just to name a few.

With his bow and rifle, host Razor Dobbs is no slouch but it’s with his open-site 10mm auto handgun is where he stands out - way out. Considered one of the most successful open-site handgun hunters, Razor’s prowess in this field is amazing and unmatched on television.

The close encounter intensity and high energy living featured on RAZOR DOBBS ALIVE is contagious. Razor’s passion delivers an entertainment dynamic to the screen that the shooting sports world has never seen. Razor is authentic. Razor is relentless. Razor is Alive and his show is hunting entertainment at its best.

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Download Razor Dobbs Public Appearance PDF